California: Mandatory Water Restrictions Imposed

By Joseph Berry, Thornical Press

January 4, 2022

SACRAMENTO — Californians will face mandatory water restrictions governing how they can use the water they pay for each month.

According to the State Water Resources Control Board, residents will not be allowed to water lawns for 48 hours after a rainstorm or allow sprinklers to run onto the sidewalk.  In addition, there will be limits on washing cars with hoses without shut-off nozzles, use of water for exterior washing of buildings or filling fountains. Violators could see daily fines of up to $500.  Residents can expect the restrictions to begin at the end of January.

The California Department of Water Resources has warned that weather patterns fluctuate between wet and dry even during the winter months, which historically have been the wettest months for California. Despite heavy rain and snow fall in December, California’s water availability is still well below safe levels as a result of the drought conditions of 2021.  Many of the state’s reservoirs are reaching record lows.