Larry Elder Will Not Face Newsom In 2022

By Shawna Teel, Thornical Press

January 4, 2022

LOS ANGELES – Larry Elder, conservative talk show radio host and former gubernatorial candidate, announced Tuesday he will not challenge Governor Newsom in 2022.

According to Elder, he “will focus on helping Republicans take back the House and Senate.” through his Elder for America political action committee.

“While I may not know what the future holds for me politically, our campaign’s ability to attract millions of votes and millions of dollars in a very short time demonstrates we have a message that resonates with Americans, and I believe we can put that to good use.” Elder said.

According to campaign finance statements from Elder for America, Elder’s campaign raised $22.5 million in an astounding short period of eight days.

In September 2021 California gubernatorial recall election, Elder received 43% of the vote while incumbent Newsom received a victorious 67% of the vote.