Ukraine ‘On War’ – Taiwan Taking Notes

By Ellen Hoàng, Thornical Press

March 30, 2022

TAIPEI – As a ruthless Communist China allegedly gears up to invade the small independent island of Taiwan, Taiwanese military officials are scrupulously taking notes on how Ukraine is defending itself against a brutal Russian invasion.

Communist China claims that Taiwan, also known as the Republic of China, is part of mainland China and has been rumored to be planning an invasion this fall.  As a result, Taiwanese military leaders have been studying Ukrainian tactics and consulting with western allies on how to best resist an invasion from mainland Communist China.  Xi Jinping claims he wants a peaceful unification but forcing people to live under communism and repressive social credit systems often leads to the mass murdering of those that strive for individual liberty.

Brutal Communist Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping

In statement, ROC Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng said they were meeting with allies to build a unified strategy “It is not only discussed in exchange meetings between the United States and Taiwan, but also discussed with other countries that have regular contacts with Taiwan.  However, we will not make remarks rashly, but through internal discussions which are important, to get results that are helpful for building armaments and preparing for war.”

Taiwan has built a large air force and a defensive missile strike capability to counter any invasion from Communist China.  There have been unconfirmed rumors that a foreign power has stationed tactical nuclear weapons and chemical weapons in the “area” as a last resort to thwart a large-scale invasion of Taiwan or Japan by Communist China.

Peaceful Taiwanese soldiers organize to defend their island from possible Communist aggression.