by Alphonse Costa, Thornical Press

April 8, 2021

CHICAGO – Notorious former Chicago Alderman Danny Solis has been charged with bribery. 

According to federal prosecutors, Solis allegedly took crooked campaign contributions in 2015 to amend a zoning ordinance.  Solis was the longtime powerful chairman of the Chicago zoning committee.  It has been rumored that Solis allegedly lined his pockets with illegal contributions during his tenure as Chicago’s zoning Czar.  Just another example of the Pay to Play politics of Illinois and Chicago.

Federal prosecutors have also indicated that Solis has been the key witness to exposing the rotten political corruption plaguing the once great state of Illinois.  Recorded conversations involving Solis and Big Illinois political players have led to indictments over the past three years.

Solis and his lawyer declined to comment when pressed about his alleged role in the Pay to Play system and his alleged connections to former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan.