How the Grump Saved Christmas: A Small Town Romance

Thornical Press Review by Rosie W. Banks, Contributor

November 20, 2022

Claire Kingsley’s How the Grump Saved Christmas is a heartwarming small town romance story ready to light your heart for the Christmas season.  Set in the farming town of Tilikum we are introduced to Isabelle Cook whose struggling family farm, the traditional site of Tilikum’s Christmas Village, is for sale.  To Isabelle’s horror, potential buyer and former lover, Elias Stoneheat threatens to end Tilikum’s much loved Christmas Village.  Isabelle is dead set against letting Elias, a greedy Christmas hating businessman, from buying her family’s homestead.  Yet, Elias’ past romance with Isabelle and Tilikum’s heartwarming Christmas spirit might be what warms his cold cash heart.  If you are looking for a Christmas romance story, then Claire Kingsley’s How the Grump Saved Christmas will satisfy your desires.

Author: Claire Kingsley | Publication Date: November 15, 2022

ISBN: 9798361694686 | Page Count: 374 | Publisher: Always Have, LLC