On This Day: Famed German Artist Friedrich Georg Weitsch Was Born

Born Aug 8, 1758 into a family of well known artists, Friedrich Georg Weitsch would eventually rise to the top of his field when he was appointed a Royal Court Painter to Charles William Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick.

Weitsch began his studies under his father, well known German artist Pascha Johann Friedrich Weitsch, and by 1776 studied under Johann Heinrich Tischbein.  After further study at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Weitsch obtained a position at Stobwasser, a German lacquerware manufacturer, where his father worked as an art instructor.

During the 1780s, Weitsch toured the great centers of European art: Rome, Florence, and Amsterdam.  In 1794, Weitsch was elected a member of the Prussian Academy of Arts in Berlin and later Rector in 1798.

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