General Motors Heritage Center Is On The Move

By The Thornical Press Staff

September 30, 2022

For General Motors devotees and car lovers all around, it was announced by GM that their collection of 600 antique vehicles and trucks is moving.

GM announced that the famed and sought after collection will move from the Heritage Center to the former Customer Care and After Sales headquarters in Grand Blanc Township, MI, which will become the showcase for GM heritage.  It is a noteworthy move since it is near Flint, MI, the historic birthplace of GM under the maverick titan of the industry William Durant.

William C. Durant, co-founder of General Motors

“As General Motors transforms the future of the automobile, we also celebrate and commemorate our storied past and rich history with our fantastic GM Heritage Center.  Placing it near our company’s birthplace only makes sense and, much like our investment in Factory One and in our current operations in the area, aligns perfectly with our strong commitment to Flint, where it all began for us,” said GM President Mark Reuss.

Buick Y-Job Concept car by Harley Earl. Photo: Wikipedia.

GM’s historic collection includes 600 cars and trucks, including famous concept cars like the Buick Y-Job designed by the great Harley Earl.  The collection also includes 8 million still photos and 250,000 videos available to researchers.

Feature Photo: Wikipedia