On This Day: Communist North Korea Slaughters American POWs in the Bloody Gulch Massacre

On Aug 12, 1950, elements of the 13th Regiment of the North Korean People’s Army slaughtered seventy-five United States Army POWs captured during the Battle of Pusan Perimeter.  The murdered American POWs consisted of men from artillery battalions of the US Army’s 24th and 25th Infantry Divisions.

In an area west of Masan, South Korea, KPA units were able to attack two undefended US artillery battalions killing hundreds of artillerymen and capturing seventy-five POWs.  It is believed the KPA machine gunned fifty POWs of the 555th Field Artillery Battalion, while another twenty POWs from the 90th Field Artillery Battalion were executed with a single shot to the head.  The war crime would be discovered five weeks later by UN forces as they regained control of the area.

Never forget.

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