Man Topples Ancient Roman Sculptures at Vatican Museum

By The Thornical Press Staff

October 8, 2022

A man has been arrested after attempting to destroy two ancient sculptures within the Vatican Museums on Wednesday.

In what was supposed to be a typical afternoon for tourists in the Museo Chairamonti was interrupted by the sound of sculptures crashing onto the cool marble floor after a deranged man pulled down two sculptures in response to not being granted an audience with the Pope.

According to Vatican Police, the male tourist stomped around demanding to see the Pope and then when denied an audience the man went on a rampage pulling down one sculpture and then another as he fled the Museo Chairamonti.  Vatican Police later arrested the tourist who was later turned over to Italian authorities.

The Museo Chairamonti holds up to 1,000 pieces of ancient Roman statuary, including the famed Augustus of Prima statue depicting Rome’s first emperor Augustus, which dates from 14 AD.

Augustus of Prima Porta, circa 14 AD. This was not one of the topple sculptures. Source: Wikipedia.

The two ancient Roman sculptures are believed to be nearly 2,000 years old and are currently being assessed for damage.  Museum officials have assured the public that the toppled sculptures have not been damaged beyond repair and can be expected back on display in the near future.

The Museo Chairamonti has been well known for its lack of barriers which allows tourists and artists to closely examine the exquisite pieces of art.  After all, who is going to cause a disturbance in Vatican City?