2,000-Year-Old Roman Hercules Statue Surfaces In Greece

By The Thornical Press Staff

October 7, 2022

GREECE – A 2,000-year-old statue of the Roman god Hercules was discovered by archeologists in northeastern Greece.

According to the Ministry of Culture and Sports the ancient statues from the Roman era was excavated on September 16 in the ancient city of Philippi.  The statue was identified as Hercules by other fragments found near the statue including the telltale club and lion often associated with the Hercules.  Archeologists from Aristotle University also uncovered an ornately-decorated structure believed to be a fountain.

Archeologists estimate the Hercules statue dates from the second century AD while the structure could date from the eighth or ninth century AD.

According to Roman mythology, which is a reflection of Greek mythology, Hercules (Heracles in Greek mythology) was born a “strong and fearless” mortal son of the Roman god Jupiter (Zeus in Greek mythology), who was the chief deity of the Roman state.

Photo: Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports

Tesla To Remove Vehicle Autopilot Sensors

By The Thornical Press Staff

October 4, 2022

AUSTIN, TX –  Tesla Inc announced on Tuesday that it will remove ultrasonic sensors from its vehicles as it switches to using cameras in its safety and driver-assistant system.  Currently, Tesla vehicles have 12 ultrasonic sensors located in the front and rear bumpers along with short-range sound sensors that detect close objects, especially in parking situations.  According to Tesla, they will begin removing ultrasonic sensors from the Model 3 and Model Y platforms.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, claims that the company can achieve driverless cars operating only with camera safety sensors.  However, a series of “autopilot” system crashes have cast a dark shadow over the whole driverless car concept.

Toyota Lowers October Output Target

By The Thornical Press Staff

October 3, 2022

TOKYO — Toyota announced Friday that it has lowered their October production target by 6.3% to about 750,000 vehicles due to a semiconductor shortage.  However, Toyota, the world’s largest automaker, vowed to uphold their yearly production target of 9.7 million vehicles.  Toyota also confirmed that global output increased by 44.3% year on year in August.

General Motors Heritage Center Is On The Move

By The Thornical Press Staff

September 30, 2022

DETROIT – For General Motors devotees and car lovers all around, it was announced by GM that their collection of 600 antique vehicles and trucks is moving.

GM announced that the famed and sought after collection will move from the Heritage Center to the former Customer Care and After Sales headquarters in Grand Blanc Township, MI, which will become the showcase for GM heritage.  It is a noteworthy move since it is near Flint, MI, the historic birthplace of GM under the maverick titan of the industry William Durant.

William C. Durant, co-founder of General Motors

“As General Motors transforms the future of the automobile, we also celebrate and commemorate our storied past and rich history with our fantastic GM Heritage Center.  Placing it near our company’s birthplace only makes sense and, much like our investment in Factory One and in our current operations in the area, aligns perfectly with our strong commitment to Flint, where it all began for us,” said GM President Mark Reuss.

Buick Y-Job Concept car by Harley Earl. Photo: Wikipedia.

GM’s historic collection includes 600 cars and trucks, including famous concept cars like the Buick Y-Job designed by the great Harley Earl.  The collection also includes 8 million still photos and 250,000 videos available to researchers.

Feature Photo: Wikipedia

King Charles III Formally Proclaimed Lord of Man

By The Thornical Press Staff

September 18, 2022

ISLE OF MAN – On a beautiful sunny day the humble people of the Isle of Man formally proclaimed King Charles III the Lord of Man.

Although King Charles III was proclaimed the Lord of Man in a ceremony on Sunday, it is a local tradition that a second proclamation take place at Tynwald Hill, which is the ancient seat of the rulers of the Isle of Man.

Cheetahs Return To India After 70 Years Of Extinction

By The Thornical Press Staff

September 18, 2022

INDIA – After 70 years of extinction and a 5,000-mile ticket-to-ride, India has reintroduced eight cheetahs donated from Namibia into the Indian wilderness.

In the first international effort to relocate cheetahs from one continent to another, 5 female and 3 male cheetahs were transferred from a game park in Namibia to India on a chartered Boeing 747 for a long 11-hour flight to their final destination.

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, released the cheetahs into the Kuno National Park located south of New Delhi.   Kuno National Park, a 289 square mile wildlife sanctuary, features grassland and fauna that is perfect for the predatory cheetah, also known to be the fastest animal on the planet.  However, the newly arrived cheetahs will have to compete with the well-established Indian leopard and other persistent threats.

The once dominant Asiatic cheetah, declared extinct on the Indian subcontinent in the early 1950s, had once prowled across Central Asia, India, and parts of the Middle East.  There have been reports of a small number of Asiatic cheetahs in Iran.

In 2020, the Supreme Court of India ruled that select cheetah subspecies could be imported from the African continent on an experimental basis.  It has been reported that the Iranian government refused to export Asiatic cheetahs to India or even participate in cloning experiments.

It will certainly take some time for the 8 cheetahs to adjust to the Indian climate.  Another viable threat will be poachers seeking the highly sought cheetah spot pattern.  Currently, those found guilty of poaching in India can face up to 3 years in prison and a hefty fine for their actions.

Though many are thankful and look forward to the reintroduction of the cheetah to the Indian subcontinent, many in India are disappointed that it is not the Asiatic cheetah.

Poland To Request Paintings Looted By The USSR During WWII

By The Thornical Press Staff

September 15, 2022

WARSAW – It was announced that Poland will formally request Russia to return seven works of art now residing in a Moscow art museum.  Poland claims the seven paintings were looted by the Soviet military during the Second World War.

Polish Minister of Culture Piotr Glinski revealed that previous requests for the historic art treasures have been ignored by Russian officials.  Russian archives also hold Polish works of art, including the work Durer and Holbein.

“Until this day the Russian government has not reviewed any of the claims,” Glinski said in a press conference.

The seven paintings in question are currently being held at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow.  These works includes the “Two Saints” by 14th century artist Spinello Aretino and the “Adoration of the Child” by 15th century artist Lorenzo de Credi.  It has been established that before the war, these paintings were owned by the Czartoryski family.

Glinski pointed out that hundreds of thousands of items are still in the former Soviet Union and retrieving them has been further hampered by the war in Ukraine.  Glinski also said that of all the Polish cultural items returned from other nations, Russia has returned nothing.  Yet, Glinski vowed that Poland will never give up the quest for the return of cultural items stolen by the Soviets.

On This Day: Communist North Korea Slaughters American POWs in the Bloody Gulch Massacre

On Aug 12, 1950, elements of the 13th Regiment of the North Korean People’s Army slaughtered seventy-five United States Army POWs captured during the Battle of Pusan Perimeter.  The murdered American POWs consisted of men from artillery battalions of the US Army’s 24th and 25th Infantry Divisions.

In an area west of Masan, South Korea, KPA units were able to attack two undefended US artillery battalions killing hundreds of artillerymen and capturing seventy-five POWs.  It is believed the KPA machine gunned fifty POWs of the 555th Field Artillery Battalion, while another twenty POWs from the 90th Field Artillery Battalion were executed with a single shot to the head.  The war crime would be discovered five weeks later by UN forces as they regained control of the area.

Never forget.

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On This Day: Lloyd Nolan Was Born Aug 11, 1902

Lloyd Nolan, best known for portraying private detective Michael Shane in several B movies during the 1940s, would become a veteran character actor with a career spanning from 1929 to 1985.  Nolan would go on to become an accomplished actor co-starring in films with the likes of John Wayne in Island in the Sky (1953) and Lana Turner in Peyton Place (1957).

Nolan may have been well known for his film career, but he was also a champion for autistic children.  Nolan, whose son was autistic, founded the Jay Nolan Community Services (nee Jay Nolan Autistic Center) in honor of his son who passed away at the age of 26.  In the early 1970s, Nolan convinced his friend Ronald Reagan, then governor of California, to sign a state bill requiring that education be provided to autistic children.

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