Poland To Request Paintings Looted By The USSR During WWII

By The Thornical Press Staff

September 15, 2022

WARSAW – It was announced that Poland will formally request Russia to return seven works of art now residing in a Moscow art museum.  Poland claims the seven paintings were looted by the Soviet military during the Second World War.

Polish Minister of Culture Piotr Glinski revealed that previous requests for the historic art treasures have been ignored by Russian officials.  Russian archives also hold Polish works of art, including the work Durer and Holbein.

“Until this day the Russian government has not reviewed any of the claims,” Glinski said in a press conference.

The seven paintings in question are currently being held at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow.  These works includes the “Two Saints” by 14th century artist Spinello Aretino and the “Adoration of the Child” by 15th century artist Lorenzo de Credi.  It has been established that before the war, these paintings were owned by the Czartoryski family.

Glinski pointed out that hundreds of thousands of items are still in the former Soviet Union and retrieving them has been further hampered by the war in Ukraine.  Glinski also said that of all the Polish cultural items returned from other nations, Russia has returned nothing.  Yet, Glinski vowed that Poland will never give up the quest for the return of cultural items stolen by the Soviets.

On This Day: Fascist Italy Invades British Somaliland

On Aug 3, 1940, Fascist Italy invaded British Somaliland as part of the Italian East African campaign.  The invasion would last from Aug 3 to Aug 19 and would end with the defeat of the British Army and Commonwealth forces.

Between Aug 11 and Aug 15, Italian forces pulverized the British with artillery fire which allowed the Italians to outflank British forces at the Battle of Tug Argan.  The British would later retreat toward Berbera.

By Aug 17, the British fought a rearguard retreat at Barkasan as they made their withdrawal to Berbera for evacuation.

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On This Day: Einstein–Szilard Letter Gives Birth To The Manhattan Project

On Aug 2, 1939, a letter written by physicist Leo Szilard and signed by famed physicist Albert Einstein was sent to President Franklin D. Roosevelt in which they warned of possible German development of atomic weapons.  In the letter, Szilard and Einstein urged Roosevelt to initiate a nuclear program in the United States.  As the Second World War raged, the United States, along with the United Kingdom, and Canada, implemented the Manhattan Project, in which the first deployable nuclear weapons were developed from 1942 to 1946.

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